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My 2014 Make up portfolio (the 2nd trial)


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Recently, we did a photo shoot for my make up portfolio. I requested for my bestfriend; Maliena to be my model (she's actually quite good at it, i have to say). These are all non-edited & non-filerted photos.Straight from my digital camera. I like to keep my work as real as it can be so there won't be any different expectations when i'm asked to do make up

For this photoshoot it took me about 2 hours to do her make up. Still a long time but atleast i managed to cut down 3 hours compared to the 1st trial I did. I still need to practice more but the new techniques are growing on me and I'm starting to get the hang of it.

My goal the next time around, I'll be able to do it for an hour or even better, 45mins!

Wish me luck darlings ;)

2014 Make up portfolio (The 1st trial)


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This is the first time I put everything I learned from Bennu to practice. I did one of my closest friend; Kin's make up for her photoshoot. Unfortunately this is all the pictures I have for now. I will try to ask more from the photographer & post it here ;)

To be honest, for the first time it took me about almost 5 hours to do this make up. I still feel the new techniques are kinda awkward. There were some trial and error's. But I will definitely practice more. Wouldn't want my future clients to wait for 5 hrs to get their make up done, that's INSANE! I will keep on practice and practice. As u know what they say practice makes perfect ^_^

Starting new Starting fresh 2014


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Make up lesson with Bennu in Jakarta ^_^

Hey everyone, so i've just learned this new makeup technique that I pick up from this amazing makeup artist in Jakarta. His name is Bennu and he's the official make up artist for Krisdayanti, Rossa, Yuni shara, Ashanty & other famous Indonesian celebrity. U can look up for his AMAZING work via instagram and look for Bennumakeup. 

While i was there i learned alot of things. It completely changed how I do my work now and it takes longer too as I'm still not used to this 'skill' yet. But hopefully in time I will get to cut down the application time and be more fast & efficient. 

This is Bennu and I. He's a wonderful mentor. What I love about him not only he's skillful, he's very humble too.

This is my model for that day: Dae. This is the transformation bennu and I did. He worked on the right while i did the left side of the face. I know mine's not similar as his but I'm working on it :D

All 3 of us :)

This is Bennu doing his 5 mins natural make up on me. I was flattered that he did my make up even if it's a simple one. He is my idol after all :)