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Daytime look


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This is my step sister, she asked me to do her make up because she'll be going for an audition. I try to tone down the colors a lil bit because I don't want it to be like 'wham!' bright colors.. haha
So this is what I came up with, something more natural and more day time wearable.

This is not exactly the before, because I've already applied the foundation on
(and only then I remembered that I haven't taken the before picture haha)

And this is the finished look... My sis said she likes it though, I'm glad :)

Green Smokey Look


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Last Monday afternoon on the 23rd November, a photographer called me asking if I could make up their former model (which was also their first model). I was delighted to, since its their 'Reunion' photo session anyway....

By 7pm they arrived, I decided to do her make up not long after. It was very easy working with her she's really nice and friendly. She has this long gorgeous hair (makes me missed how my hair use to be...like a lot! haha). I'm happy everything goes well as usual...

Big thanks to the model; Janjan for doing a great job and my trusty multi-talented photographers; Lee Abrio, Joseph Gatz and Jasper for doing a terrific job like always ;)

Naturally Dramatic


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I finally made my first step to build my make up portfolio, I worked with two models; Hafidzah Hamzad and Mimie Othman and three trustworthy skillful photographers; Lee Abrio,
Jasper and Bon.

I decided to create two type of different looks for my first project; natural and dramatic.

To contact the photographer
Lee abrio: +6738827863